We provide support to women from all walks of life, culture and disabilities have never been an issue. In the past we have had non- English speaking clients and have been able to provide support without difficulties. Our workers can assist with Centrelink, housing, schooling, legal, counselling and cultural needs. We do not generally take clients that are local to the area as this is a security threat to our workers and other clients.

Our Music Program

For the children of the shelter, we have a music program that caters for children of all ages. It encourages children to express their emotion in a fun and light- hearted way. Music Therapy is a safe way to help children cope more effectively with troubles they are experiencing in their everyday lives. Music therapy is an outlet to express emotions and creativity. Music Therapy can assist children in expressing feelings, learning coping strategies, learning anger management techniques, identifying boundaries and increasing self-awareness and self-esteem.

Counselling Services

We have a variety of services which we work with regularly to provide support to our clients.  We refer to whichever service we believe will be of most benefit to the clients needs.

Mobile Support

Our Mobile Support program is case managed support in external settings from the shelter.  Generally, mobile support can happen in public places such as parks, coffee shops, etc. or in the client home if it is assessed as safe to attend.  Case Management is practical assistance and ongoing assessment of client’s needs,  safety planning, housing assistance & advocacy.

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