Women's Crisis Support Service Inc. is a non-profit, non-government organisation that partners with other community serivces to deliver timely value-added programs to our most vulnerable women.


The WCSSI team members are qualified Domestic Violence Case Managers with many years experience. As an Incorporated Association, WCSSI is overseen by a dedicated volunteer Managment Committee.


WCSSI was founded in 1977 by Ipswich community volunteers providing for local women experiencing domestic violence. We are now government funded with secure accommodation services and mobile support programs.


The QLD Government Department of Justice and Attorney General (Office for Women) currently funds our Domestic and Family Violence programs. Our accommodation is provided by the Department of Housing.


An in-depth report into the work of specialist women's refuges in South East QLD inclding the work they do and the women they asisst.


Challenge DV (formerly CEO Challenge) encourages community leaders to start conversations about Domestic and Family Violence while fundraising for DFV causes.


Please view our Annual General Meeting Reports including some of the projects and activities WCSSI has undertaken over the past years.


WCSSI welcomes all feedback. We use your compliements and criticism to help shape our future.

The ladies working at the Ipswich Women’s Shelter are the best. The workers are so caring; they helped me save my mind and took me out of my dark life before the shelter. My mind was crazy and stressful and I thought my family was alone. The girls in the office helped me and my younger sister refresh our minds. They took us to play groups and did music therapy (which is really fun!). My mum and my sister and I are really indebted to them because we have a very good life now. I want to be a support worker just like them because I want to help someone in the same situation as me have a better life just like my family has now.

I felt scared because I didn’t have family or friends in Australia. But when we got to the office of the Ipswich Women’s Shelter, the helped us a lot. The ladies all have different responsibilities, everyone helped, a lot. They organised so much for me, they were great!

I felt safe and secure and very blessed to have a self-contained unit. All staff was extremely helpful. I am leaving with a home to move into, my child has a placement in a childcare facility and I have a DV order on my ex-partner. It’s been a very helpful place to help me achieve these goals for mine and my child’s safety.

Being here I learnt I am really worth it. The people who work here feel what I feel, they’re women. All the activities and support was the best.

My children felt relaxed and stress free, they thought that the shelter was holiday apartment, so this made me feel like I made the right choice. I was given a lot of support, the ladies gave me information about domestic violence and its long term effects on me AND my children. I have left feeling empowered and knowing that no woman deserves to be a victim of domestic violence.