Technology and Safety


It is important to consider the information stored on modern devices.

Safety EXIT

A safety exit button can be found at the bottom right hand side of our website. To quickly exit the website click this button.

Call Logs

If you wish to make a call and do not want it to be seen (for example you call the domestic violence helpline), you can delete your call log on your mobile phone

Mobiles/tablets and tracking devices

Many smart phones are equipped with GPS tracking in the event that you either lose it or it is stolen. When you leave turn off your GPS, data and Wi-Fi capabilities to prevent this

Delete Internet History

If you are looking for information about domestic violence and your options about how to cope with it, or perhaps you might be researching alternative accommodation, new jobs or travel tickets, in order to leave. It is important that you delete your history. If your partner finds this he could be offended as he may genuinely think he is not violent (even though he has left his mark on you before) and this can result in a violent outbreak towards you in order to stop you from involving other people or leaving. In fact the best thing you can do is to use a friend’s computer, or go to the library.

Internet banking, Emails & social media

Log on and change your passwords, remember if you want to leave without telling your partner, remember to delete the history, this way he suspects nothing. Disconnect your partner from your social media accounts, don’t forget to also disconnect his relatives and associates (on Facebook you can delete your ‘friends’ or you can ‘block’ them, this is your choice). Remember in security preferences to turn off your geological tag (that is where you are when you post or upload photos)