The Domestic Violence Task Force

As many of you know, our dear leading lady, Honorable Dame, Quentin Bryce has been leading what is called a Special Taskforce. The Taskforce was conducted to examine Queensland’s Domestic and Family Violence Support Systems. Organisations like ours, were included and many provided feedback. These recommendation were returned to the Premier and suggestions were made on how the system can improve and what initiatives can decrease the occurrences of DV.

Just for a bit of general knowledge and background, our service is very specific. We are a homelessness service yes, however we are what is called a ‘specialist homelessness service’. This means that our clients are not ‘just’ homeless. Our clients are homeless because of domestic violence. We do not accept clients unless this criteria is fulfilled and believe it or not, we are always screening calls for possible vacancies. Other specialist homelessness services exist, you can find ones specific for youth, men suffering DV and homeless services offered to elderly people too.

The findings of this Taskforce included that 64,000 incidents of domestic and family violence (DFV) were reported and 13,000 breaches on domestic violence orders (DVO) occurred.

What made the task force ‘real’ was a journal published called ‘Our Journal‘, it is collection of many different victims reflecting on their own experience, after all, no two stories are the same, are they? To read it, click on ‘Our Journal‘.

If you would like more information on the facts and figures of the Taskforce, a documents as been collated on the findings of online surveys that were conducted. Just click the link! If you’re looking for any further information, The Queensland Government has information.


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