Information for Children

It is not ok for your parents to hit one another, or family members, this is called domestic violence. It is not ok for your parents to hit you. If an adult hurts you or your brother or sister, this is called child abuse. When you are hurt or you see someone you care for hurt, it can make you feel many things. Sometimes you feel sad, angry, helpless, confused and sometimes there are more feelings.

Did you know there are different kinds of violence?

There is!

Physical Violence

Is when a bully uses kicking, biting, slapping, punching, burning, throwing or breaking things in the home to hurt you, your loved ones or even your pets?

Verbal Violence

Is when mean and nasty things are said to hurt you feelings Sometimes rude names might be used, other times it could be yelled our shouted to you, and sometimes it might be spoken to you. Either way, it can hurt feelings and make you feel bad about yourself and this is not acceptable

Sexual Violence

Is when someone touches private parts of your body when you don’t want them to. The person might want to touch you, or they might make you touch their private parts or even forcing you to have sex or watch sexual acts. This is not ok, no one but you should touch your private areas, it is important to know the difference between safe and unsafe touching.

What can you do to stop violence?

Sometimes we can’t be like Superman and do it all on  our own. Tell an adult who can help you, like:

– a friend’s parent,

-a doctor, a teacher

– a neighbour

– a babysitter

– someone else.

Remember violence is not your fault, so don’t feel guilty telling someone. If you think people are not listening to your problems, repeat yourself.  There are free numbers that you can call to ask for help, CLICK HERE!

If there is an emergency call 000.

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