About our Shelter

At the Ipswich Women’s Shelter, we pride ourselves on girl power.

We have been providing an escape from domestic and family violence since 1978. Our clients always have someone to talk to whether it is about something specific, or if they just need a chat with a cup of coffee in hand.  Our Shelter is located in Ipswich and the address is kept confidential to keep our clients and staff safe.  We run a number of programs with our clients and link them to a number of services that can help.

A shelter can provide safe emergency accommodation for women and children who are trying to escape violent or abusive situations.  Shelters exist because workers believe that women have the right to live their live free of violence and fear. Our workers assist with Centrelink, schooling, legal and housing related matters.

Other names for women’s shelters are:

  • Women’s Refuge
  • Safe House
  • Sanctuary

In this section you can check out our:


Check out our homely facilities


Programs we run and what our workers do


Who our workers are and what they’re good at

Testimonials & Stories

Fortunately we are lucky enough to have some clients who are brave enough to allow us to tell their story in hopes of gaining awareness.

Our Partners

Other organisations that we work closely with to ensure that all our clients get the best opportunities possible.

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